Custom Fit Car Covers

WeatherShield ® HP

colour available - Bright Blue, Black, Gray, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Taupe
Our Ultimate all-weather cover fabric is now even better!

The worldwide patented EPIC by Nextec ® finish helps shed moisture and stops dust, dirt and tree sap from reaching your vehicles finish. The fabric "breathes" to allow moisture, condensation and heat to easily escape from under the cover. The encapsulation technology goes INSIDE the fabric, around the fibers, resulting in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes.

  • Weatherproof - Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
  • Superior Dry Time - Because the fabric sheds moisture it has an absorption factor of only 2%, compared with up to 40% for standard woven and non-woven fabrics. That means, if the cover has been sitting out in the rain you only need to shake it and the residue moisture will easily dry, in the trunk or on the car.
  • Breathable - Allows any heat or condensation under the cover to easily escape.
  • UV Resistant - Special additives prevent UV degradation and protect the vehicles finish and interior.
  • Dust-proof - Patented fiber encapsulation process prevents dust from filtering through the fabric.
  • Scratch-less - Polymers provide a silky smooth finish to the fabric and provide superior paint protection. Nextec fabric has been tested at 1,000 cycles on abrasion wheels without scratching (surface must be clean and waxed).
  • Durable - The encapsulation process is not affected by heat or cold and the process won't degrade over the life of the fabric.
  • Easy Care - Unlike non-woven fabrics you can clean most car-size WeatherShield covers in your HOME washer and dryer.
  • Packs Small & Light - All this protection in a lightweight package that packs into 1/4 to 1/2 the volume of multi-layer, non-woven fabrics. That's a cover for a Honda Accord he's holding - minimal storage space, but high-performance protection.
BOTTOM LINE - WeatherShield HP is fade resistant, sheds moisture, stops durt, dust and bird droppings and is very water resistant and breathable....a true high-performance fabric. For more information on how Nextec makes "Performance Fabrics for the Real World" visit>

These photos with 200x magnification will give you an idea how the patented encapsulation coats the fibers and fills the voids between the threads creating a breathable barrier to assure any moisture that does get under the cover (or heat on a hot summer day) can easily escape through the fabric. During evaporation moisture turns into vapor and since vapor is smaller than water droplets it easily transfers through the fabric. The base, high-strength, polyester fabric is naturally UV resistant, but we've added UV inhibitors to the polymers to help slow-down the degradation that occurs naturally on anything exposed to sun for an extended period of time to help keep your cover looking newer longer.

Limited Warranty - Four (4) years from date of purchase to the original purchaser. Warranty coverage protects against defects in material and workmanship, as well as the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use. After factory inspection, we will repair or replace the cover or specific panels judged to be unusable. Warranty does not cover fading, which occurs naturally on all products used outdoors. This fabric is not waterproof - it is breathable to allow moisture, condensation and heat to escape from under the fabric.

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