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Custom Fit Covers for Harley-Davidson ® Model Motorcycles

Available in 3 colour-Black Flannel,Black Urethane,Silver Urethane

New or classic, any Harley-Davidson should be protected from extended exposure to dirt, heat, moisture and ultraviolet rays. Custom-tailored patterns provide a nice snug fit. Covers provide maximum protection against blistering sun, rain, snow, bird & tree droppings, dirt, industrial pollutants and salt air, while hiding the bike to help prevent theft.

Custom patterned, these covers feature anti-theft steel reinforced grommets, heat shield (except polycotton & flannel covers), soft liner at windshield & fender area (except polycotton & flannel) and storage bag.

Features & Benefits
  • Choose from two (2) different fabrics, each designed for a specific level of protection and personal taste. Silver or black-coloured urethane-coated polyester is waterproof and lightweight. The silver colour helps reflect heat while the black is a more traditional colour used by H-D owners. For indoor storage we offer a paint-pampering black flannel fabric.
    For buyers looking for the ultimate in protection and ease of storage, be sure and look at our Pack-Lite ® WeatherShield ® HP covers. This patented fabric sheds water, dries in minutes, stops dust, breathes and can be easily cleaned in a home washer & dryer. Best of all is the super compact size for easy storage and travel. (click here to go to the Pack Lite page)
  • Heat shield aluminized inner liner protects covers from hot pipes and engine (not used on flannel or WeatherShield covers).
  • Sewn-in screened air vent allows condensation and vapors to evaporate and keeps your bike cooler on hot days (not needed on flannel or WeatherShield fabrics).
  • All seams are overlapped and double stitched for superior strength.
  • Elastic in the hem at front and rear helps hold the cover in place.
  • Flannel & urethane-coated covers carry a two-year limited warranty to the original purchaser. (Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection).
  • Custom patterned, these covers are available in sizes to fit the full Harley-Davidson model line-up, from 883's to Dressers. To assure the perfect fit, patterns 154 thru 157 are designed to fit with the handlebars locked to the left!
  • Available in 8 colour.
Harley-Davidson ® is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
From $119 AUD

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