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Covercraft Front End Masks
(also called "Bras")
Imported From The USA
One-Piece Front Mask "M" Series   One-Piece Front Mask "MM" Series

Covercraft masks give maximum protection with sporty good looks. Over 450 patterns for cars, vans and pickups. Custom tailored for an exact fit.

193 AUD


More than 1,000 patterns designed to allow the hood to be opened with the mask in place. Available for cars, vans and pickups, these masks offer the same protection and good looks of our one-piece designs.

193 AUD

Deflector Protector┬« Hood Shield "MD/MH" Series   Custom Mini Mask "MN" Series
Custom-tailored to protect the front of the hood. At the top of the hood curve, we add a reinforced bug deflector to create a swirling wind action to help divert most bugs, dirt and debris away from the windshield.

193 AUD
  A smaller version of the popular Deflector-Protector┬«, Mini-Masks use reinforced air foils to prevent flapping and lift.

193 AUD
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